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Beta Commands for plugins

Post  rkb27 on Tue Nov 08, 2011 10:48 am

For TOWNY plugin here are some tips:
/town new [name]= To make a town Starting with a 16x16 plot
/town claim= Claims another 16x16 square for your town that is connected to the rest of the town
/town deposit [amount]= puts money in town bank (need money to keep town running)
/town withdraw [amount]= takes money out of town bank
/town assistant add [username]= adds a town assistant to your town (they don't have ownership, but can add ppl, claim land, set taxes and such other things),if u want to remove a name i believe it is the same thing except replace add with remove or delete.
/town add [username]= adds that person to the town /town kick [username] kicks them out
/town set board [message]= puts a auto message for ur town like visit our forums or plz donate. I just use it as subtext for my town like for example: Herorica; Town of Heroes
/town set taxes [amount tax]= Taxes residents who live in the town every day. Not recommended, because if they cant pay they get kicked out without warning
That is all ik for certain, but if u need more info just google it.

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