application for king! ebaman

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application for king! ebaman

Post  ebaman on Sat Dec 03, 2011 5:09 am

.Why do i want to be (king)
I want to be king rank because I love your server and i love to play minecraft, right now i am super op and i played your server for a week about now and i want to be a member of the nice staff you guys are.
2.If i rank you what will you do?

As king, i will be nice to the guest and respectful to other staff/guests i will watch out for greefers because i don't like when other players work so hard and just mess up what they have done!

3. Are you willing to help aprove the server? How?
yes i will because i love playing this server. i will make new things talk to and listen with the staff to help improve others experiences What a Face

thankyou for your time!


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