eba man app for favorate

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eba man app for favorate

Post  ebaman on Sat Dec 03, 2011 10:48 am

1.Why do u want to be (favoriate)
i want to be the faviorate rank because i want to inprove this server and make a better minecraft experiance for all the players that will or do play. i also love this server too!

2.If i rank you what will you do?
if u get this rank i will be respectful to all other players or staff
i will also look out for greefers i dont like when peopple wrek others things that they worked hard on!

3. Are you willing to help aprove the server? How?
i am willing because this server needs a litle bit more help getting people and im willing to advert and tell people to come on this awesome server
thank you you for your time- ebaman


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