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noahsdope for admin

Post  noahsdope on Sat Dec 03, 2011 3:38 pm

1.Why do u want to be (admin)
I think i can help lots of people and i love to help.

2.If i rank you what will you do?
What any person who is ranked should.(one)Stop grievers (two)help not ranked players (three) make better builds (four) help higher staff

3. Are you willing to help aprove the server? How?
I am willing to stop grievers and help not ranked players with what they need, im also willing to stay up and do what ever is requested from me.

I hope i get a response and hope to be helping you out soon.


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Hmm let me see...

Post  Min3CraftMonk3y on Sat Dec 03, 2011 3:44 pm

WOW What A fail I just closed minecraft ok so I would reccomend you get known to the server get a few ranks maybe to godop or so then you can get king and work your way up, your not too far anyway from being able to stop GRIEFING but im gonna say just get a bit more know to the server then try
but if King or dash wants to rank you fine by me Very Happy

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