Is happy gna go on classic tomorrow....

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Is happy gna go on classic tomorrow....

Post  rkb27 on Fri Dec 09, 2011 10:52 am

Is so happy got moderator on a different beta server, lol only been on that serevr for like a month and a half! Gettin on classic tomorrow A.K.A Friday Dec 9th and sometime on saturday dec. 10th. See u all there!..........hopefully, BTW if not on saturday, which i hope i will, i will be workin on christmas suprise on other server and town meeting on it cause i already scheduled it. But anyways everyone plz get on tomorrow! If any1 wants the ip for the beta server im moderator on its which actually ive talked to the owner of the beta server, and he is "intrigued" by this server. But I will definitely be on classic tomorrow so get on!
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