Rkb27's Suggestions for ppl who have 1.0 minecraft

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Rkb27's Suggestions for ppl who have 1.0 minecraft

Post  rkb27 on Fri Jan 06, 2012 10:37 am

For the people of minecraft who want a 1.0 server to play on IF (and only if kingdomh56's server is down, cause this server is way better) I have a suggestion for you. I am also a moderator on this server so I make sure you have fun. It is Prestigecraft, a newly remade server that is very friendly. It is a FULL RPG server. That means Towns, Iconomy, Shops, Quests, And many more things! PVP is enabled for those of you who like PVP. If you need a new 1.0 server to play on while Kingdomh56 is down Prestigecraft invites you to join their server! This server is Basically brand new, so there aren't 5000000 Towns and such, for the people who dislike that. Towns are USER created, not only moderators and admins can create them, ANY1 can create a town (with the proper amount of In-game money of course, which is earned in an assortment of ways). The server Ip is rpg.prestigecraft.com. So come join today!......................................................

Sorry guys, yes this is an add, but the server really needs help and I couldn't say no to helping them. They NEED more people to join and play and I told them I would post here to hopefully get a few more ppl. I'm sorry I can't just get on classic and tell you guys about it, cause My Internet won't load minecraft.net for some reason and idk y.
So guys if you Want a 1.0 server to play on that is full of friendly ppl and staff (including me) this is the one to try. Again, only if this server is down cause I still have to say this server is much more fun.........atleast to me anyways .....................................................

If you have the time plz come check it out! Sry again for advertizing. But in retrospect I have advertized this server about 12 times on it for a good classic server. The only reason I agreed to do this was to help the server, not for self-gain. Plz help me and their server out by joining if and when you can thanks! I'm gna get on classic as soon as i get my internet working!.......AGAIN!
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