Private hall of fame.....

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Private hall of fame.....

Post  ashwin552 on Wed Jan 11, 2012 9:32 am

First off all building will have a sign and a MB saying who built it so there I not stealing it
Ps:that was for dash

The reason there are a few buildings and even a few maps i feel that a small 256 256 256 map cant fit so......I have made a 512 512 512 for a privat gallery for myself here are the things in it so far

Mine and Wolfs dragon
Jz's Space ship( i put your name on it)
Jz's boat
Villa (I worked on it and a bunch of guest-kings helped this building is the size of a 256 256 256 map
And hopefully if dash agrees a few "Cool" Skins
Rkb i would but your castle but i'm not sure if it has good out side appearance i haven't checked so ya

If any1 else has anything do tell dONT BE MODEST The only thing i'm not taking is a pair of shoes "Some1" knows what im talking about unless there good shoes even then hmm idk

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