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Read this its important. Empty Read this its important.

Post  perryboyno13 on Wed Apr 04, 2012 12:57 am

The whole reason we reset ranks was to make it harder for there to be high ranks because we had favorites that didnt know how to use cuboid. STOP RANKING PEOPLE ABOVE KING. PLEASE. There is going to be a time restriction used as soon as King decided on the requirements. THEY HAVE TO APP TO GET KING OR above. If you rank someone to a rank above king without their app being approved you WILL lose a rank if not more. This is not me saying this, I discussed all of this with King and most of it was his words. If you see someone above king you dont know (im talking to reg mods) demote them and ask who ranked them.

Thank you.

ps. Thebroganone........(If you know who you are you should fix it)
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