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Want to hang with the JZ? Empty Want to hang with the JZ?

Post  jzimmerman on Fri Jul 13, 2012 4:09 am

Or perhaps you want to visit a fairly active community? Well then join Caznowl!

A little info, the official site is caznowl.net, we have had tens of thousands of visitors on our seven servers. Plus, since I'm a global overseer on all servers, I can probably get you guys to be a staff rank on whatever server you want within a month. There is a whitelist application for our CMP and FFA servers.

Zombie Server -
We have about 50 maps to play on. Typically have around 35-40 players on at a time.

Lava Server -
Basic lava survival. May be adding game modes. Typically around 25-30 players on.

Map Making and Freebuild -
I'm the official HeadOverseer on this server. Really fun server, lots to do. Personal maps, freebuilds, minigames, contests, events, tons of other fun stuff. Typically around 30-35 players on.

CTF Server - Probably the least boring classic server (other then map making). Lots of gameplay. Typically around 15-20 players on.

We need lots more players on our premium servers.
SMP - survival.caznowl.net - Typically around 10 players on. Typical premium server.
CMP - Up to 5 players on, basically unlimited supplies to work with
FFa - Pvp all the time, typically around 2-6 players on.

So come visit me and message me on Caznowl.net so we can hang out. I know it's boring if you have no one to hang out with.

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